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Piers and Lin du Pré are the owners of the Fleming 55 Play d'eau, based in Beaucette Marina, Guernsey in the Channel Islands at N49° 30’.197 W002° 30’.350.

This site will chart our ongoing adventures.

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Recent Posts

Ambushed by the weather

Endless black clouds and high winds assail us

Own up – who turned our brilliant weather off?

The 6 weeks following our departure from Audierne on 12th June have been utterly glorious. Sun cream by the gallon (well, not quite), calm seas and blue skies, all courtesy of a friendly Azores high pressure system spreading its wings over Play d’eau. It was perfect. …

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Letter from Port la Fôret

The patisserie was calorific cruelty

A short and delightful walk away is the boulangerie at La Fôret-Fouesnant. It’s a patisserie and chocolaterie as well, and has the most mouth watering and calorifically impressive displays imaginable.

One fine morning I arrived at 10am and asked for, ‘Trois croissants, s’il vous plaît.’ The young mademoiselle politely told me they were sold out and that in any case …

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Leg 5 (2015) – Port la Fôret to Port Haliguen

We ate at the wonderfully eccentric Créperie

A serenade, flat seas, hot sun, dolphins, the ‘joy’ of falling into the middle of a yacht race in crowded waters, and just a touch of sunburn.

To celebrate such a brilliant time in Port la Fôret of jazz, more jazz, meeting friends and being in such a beautiful area, we decided to eat out. …

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Quelle surprise

The Cornouaille Jazz Band with Piers

‘Would you like the band to play on Play d’eau?’ asked Alain. Without even a micro-second hesitation we replied, excitedly, ‘Brilliant!’

It was two years ago that we’d tried to set this up but it hadn’t possible. The marina was too full take us for the planned date. …

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We had a visitor

The snow white Little Egret

A small sound made me look up. An Egret was stalking its dinner in the shallows on the other side of the pontoon. Only a few metres away from me.

Slowly and stealthily feeling its way in the shallow of the water’s edge, it would waggle its feet in the sand to stir up anything that might be hiding. …

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Encore, encore

Alain Duhait, trumpeter of the Cornouaille Jazz Band

‘Concert at Port La Fôret, Sunday at 16 hours in the same place of there 2 years.’

Alain Duhaut sent me this email just as we leaving Audierne. Alain’s the trumpeter of the Cornouaille Jazz Band whom we met two years ago at Port la Fôret.

How exciting is that? …

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Leg 4 (2015) – Audierne to Port la Fôret

An unhappy house near the entrance to Port la Foréet

The NE F6/7 had been relentless, howling across Audierne ever since we arrived accompanied mostly by strong sunshine with the occasional spot of rain.

But the weather was no match for Play d’eau. She was becoming uneasy and wanting to move on with her holiday. Play d’eau won, of course. …

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Letter from Audierne

The cellars of De Vigne en Vin d'Audierne

Oh how we love this small, unspoiled market fishing town which has no pretensions or modern glamour to smother its original reality. Thankfully, the long arm of ‘Progress’ has kept its destructive hands away from Audierne.

Meanwhile, the town’s extensive shell fish industry has kept it firmly on the haute cuisine map by serving much of France with fresh crab, lobster, langoustine, sardines and line-caught fish. …

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The trumpet shall sound

Alain played on the back of Play d'eau

The phone rang. It was a French number. I answered cautiously. ‘Allo?’

It was Alain, the trumpeter from the Cornouaille Jazz Band! He’d arrived in St Peter Port from Port La Forêt in his 6m yacht and could we meet …

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No Jazz today – we’re full

You may have seen the post we made about the Cornouaille Jazz Band. It was an unexpected treat to see them perform when we visited Port La Forêt on the south-bound leg of our cruise down the west coast of France in June …

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