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Piers and Lin du Pré bought their new Fleming 55 / 129, Play d'eau, in 2003.

She was berthed in Beaucette Marina, Guernsey in the Channel Islands at N49° 30’.197 W002° 30’.350 until she was sold in October 2021.

This site charts the thrilling adventures they had in her.

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No Jazz today – we’re full

Alain, the band’s Trumpeter
emailed to say the group would like to perform on Play d’eau
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With Port La Forêt having no space for us on our return from Port Louis in Lorient, we had to forgo a treat we’d been looking forward to so much, for two months.

You may have seen the post we made about the Cornouaille Jazz Band. It was an unexpected delight to see them perform when we visited Port La Forêt on the south-bound leg of our cruise down the west coast of France in June.

We’ll meet again

Following our visit I was contacted by trumpeter Alain who graciously emailed me saying how much the group had liked the photos I had taken and given them before we left. Alain continued the email exchange by saying that if we returned to Port La Forêt the band would like to come and perform for us on Play d’eau!

How brilliant would that be? What major fun! We’d find a way to fit them on. Some in the aft cockpit, some on the flybridge roof – we’d make it work.

We were so looking forward to this and were planning to stock up with Pastis, biere et Cidre Breton.

Jazz on Play d’eau

Jazz on Play d’eau was bound to turn into a major pontoon party as well. There would be riot of boaters from all over the marina converging on the pontoon to see and hear the group. Raises the question of how many boaters does it take to sink a pontoon?

But it was not to be. Port La Forêt was full.

Maybe, just maybe

Our exploration of the west coast of France has shown us just how glorious and special this part of France is. So much so that we are considering whether to change our 2014 plans from the Baltic to another exploration of France. So much more to see and do.

Would Port La Forêt would have room for us next year? We wonder, we dream.

Meanwhile, our thanks must go to Alain and the Cornouaille Jazz Band for their kindness and willingness.

Piers and Lin
From the Saloon of
Play d’eau
Fleming 55

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1 comment to No Jazz today – we’re full

  • Pip

    What a shame you couldn’t get them to play on your boat. Still, there’s always next year … or the year after … or the year after that??!
    To use a well known expression with the typical Gallic shrug “tant pis”!

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