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Piers and Lin du Pré bought their new Fleming 55 / 129, Play d'eau, in 2003.

She was berthed in Beaucette Marina, Guernsey in the Channel Islands at N49° 30’.197 W002° 30’.350 until she was sold in October 2021.

This site charts the thrilling adventures they had in her.

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Leg 19 (2015) – Camaret to l’Aber Wrac’h to Roscoff

Another spectacular sunrise light show
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Even though we’d had a somewhat tiresome passage yesterday, it had been unexpectedly rewarded by the second best dinner we’ve had whilst on holiday this year.

If ever there’s a reason to visit Camaret, it’s the Restaurant of the small Hotel Vauban.

Although tired, we felt back on form.

Go or no go?

With the morning’s forecast and actuals to hand, we plotted our next move over an early morning coffee (tea for Lin).

All looked good apart from a tight frontal system swirling around the peninsula, yet being so tight it was unlikely to present strong winds apart from isolated downdraughts and showers, maybe heavy, from any lurking cumulus cloud.

We made the decision to go.

Black skies

Against the black clouds, the sunlight was breathtaking
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As dawn approached, the sky to the east was clear apart from a narrow roll of cloud just above the distant horizon. In comparison, the fronts had covered the sky to the west with thick, black ominous cloud.

As the sun rose she found a small letterbox gap between the land and the cloud through which she beamed, creating rainbows and a glorious show of bright light.

With an ETD of 0900, we prepared for departure and cast off after a breakfast of French Bread (eggy bread fried in bacon fat – yummy) and coffee (tea for Lin).

Thankfully, yesterday’s swell had completely disappeared. Had it been scared off by Play d’eau’s wrath? The land protected us from an easterly force 3 wind and the transit through the Chenal du Four was yet again, placid.

L’Aber Wrac’h or…?

Nearing the turn towards l’Aber Wrac’h we wondered if we should continue straight to Roscoff. The seas were comfortable, the wind had dropped to a light southerly force 2 and the sun had chased the cloud away. What could be better?

We did.

Nearing Roscoff

Yacht Meander en route to Ushant as we passed l’Aber Wrac’h
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Nearing Roscoff, the narrow channel between the Île de Batz and the mainland can look narrow and daunting with short changes of heading to avoid the many rocky outcrops. But provided you have understood the transits it’s really straight forward and good fun.

The many ferries and trawlers which use this channel are helpful and help by making way.

Calling Bloscon marina on channel 09, we were met at the entrance and guided to the hammerhead of pontoon A.


Met data

Camaret: E3, thick cloudy, good.
Forecast sea state: Calm.
Roscoff: S1, clear, good

Nav data

Times are FST.

Date: 7 August 2015
Departed Camaret: 0903
Arrived Roscoff: 1725
Pinchpoint: Chenal du Four
Longest leg: 16.2nm
Time en route: 8hr 20min
Planned distance: 61.8nm

Tech issues: None.

Piers and Lin
from the Pilot House of
Play d’eau
Fleming 55

(click on the photos below to enlarge, and use the left/right arrows)

3 comments to Leg 19 (2015) – Camaret to l’Aber Wrac’h to Roscoff

  • Hello Piers & Lin
    Have been following your blogs with interest and a little nostalgia for W France!
    You seem to have largely escaped the heavy swell that we normally encounter on that NW corner. It was particularly bad in September last year which was annoying as we had enjoyed a pleasant time in a rare opportunity to call at Lampaul on Ouessant.
    I too enjoy the Batz channel when I can, so much more pleasant than going around the outside!
    We have turned left from Pompey this year and headed up the N France and Belgium coasts and then into the Dutch canal system and the Standing Mast Route. Has been interesting visiting different places, especially appreciating the lovely towns with fine historic buildings in the Netherlands.
    Richard & Andrea

  • Hil

    That was a long journey, but you’ve done it! Exhausted? Must be. I love your description of the sun finding her letterbox and then playing with her colours and enjoying it! I bet you needed a good meal after that journey. Bet you slept well too.

    Lol Hil x x x

  • Hil

    P.S. I meant to say- your photos are stunning. Thank you. x x x

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