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Piers and Lin du Pré bought their new Fleming 55 / 129, Play d'eau, in 2003.

She was berthed in Beaucette Marina, Guernsey in the Channel Islands at N49° 30’.197 W002° 30’.350 until she was sold in October 2021.

This site charts the thrilling adventures they had in her.

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The wedding – 19 April 2014

Toby and Amy exchange their vows
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The day had arrived. The day Toby and Amy were to wed.

The Venue

The Tala Private Game Reserve was the chosen venue with its 3,000 hectares in KwaZulu-Natal, between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Its various single story accommodation lodges are scattered around the reserve with a central main reception and restaurant complex. There’s no tarmac here, just rough dirt tracks.

Animals include rhino, hippo, kudu, zebra, giraffe, impala, eland, monkeys and ostrich. Bird life is everywhere, some singing beautiful love songs whilst others make ghastly sounds that put crows to shame.


The previous afternoon saw many of Amy’s extended family and Tala staff descend on Acacia, a large thatched timber barn standing on the side of a slight incline in front of a waterhole.

Mr and Mrs du Pré with Mr and Mrs Tobias du Pré
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Whilst tables, chairs, linen, cutlery, flowers, sashes and labels were being lovingly placed inside the barn, seven rhinos were mud bathing (outside) in the waterhole 150m away whilst zebras strutted their stripes, impala jumped, and bored wildebeest just grunted.

Rather than tables being numbered, Amy had created cards with specific dates or comments, such as ’35 Flights’ – ‘the number of individual flights taken to see each other’.

Wedding Day

Right on cue, the sun rose just after 6am into yet another clear blue sky.

As we opened the veranda doors of our lodge, monkeys scampered across the lawns, jumped into trees and peeped from behind the trunks to see what we might be doing.

After a lazy breakfast, Piers took more photographs whilst Lin relaxed on the veranda.

By 3pm, Piers had donned his locally hired tails whilst Lin wore a beautiful special dress for the day. She looked so gorgeous.

We assembled on the decking in front of the barn and Ron the minister told us what was to happen. The rhino and other animals were still in attendance. It was almost surreal.

The Marriage

The stage was set
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Toby was standing at the front when the bridal party appeared. Maid of Honour, bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen.

And then Amy, veiled and on her father’s arm, walked around the corner. So elegant, so poised.

Amy looked utterly beautiful in the most lovely white dress and long embroidered train. There were gasps followed by tears and hushed snuffles.

In front of guests, Ron and the rhinos, Toby and Amy said their vows looking intently into each others’ eyes. Ron’s address was a delight and thoroughly scriptural.

Mr and Mrs Tobias du Pré looked radiant and so, so happy. After years of long distance waiting, their dream had come true.

The Reception

Rose petals showered the couple as they made their way onto a grassed area to cut the cake and be toasted.

Tables were identified by dates
and explanations
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Sitting at our tables, dinner was served. Mark, Amy’s father, spoke. His speech was the finest and most heartfelt we’d ever heard, a comment which was to be made to him many times that evening.

Justin, the best man, was hilarious.

We danced late into the evening. Eventually, at 11pm, Toby and Amy left, and the party slowly dispersed.

A truly stunning event, and one which the animals will describe for generations to come.

It had been a long wait for the couple. It had been worth it. Their prayers had been answered.

Piers and Lin
Tala Private Game Reserve
…on temporary leave of absence from
Play d’eau
Fleming 55

8 comments to The wedding – 19 April 2014

  • Marion Blue

    Thank you for beautiful photos and superb video. What a super wedding.

    • Hi D&M. It was the most amazing day. Our next post will be of the pre-ceremony photos, and soon after that pics of the animals and flowers we’ve captured whilst in SA.

      We think of you both often. Much love. P&LdP

  • Alice

    … there were gasps followed by tears and hushed snuffles ….. and then Lin, who did look absolutely fabulous, handed Piers a hankie to dry his eyes …… :-0

    It looks like the perfect day. And your trip to get there sounds idyllic too.

    Keep up the good blogs …. Lots of Love Alice x x x o x x x

  • Hi Piers and Lin,
    Looks amazing, what a place to get married! The video is fantastic. See you both soon.

  • Hil

    Absolutely beautiful and incredibly moving. At last and what a wonderful start for them. I love the video-the next best thing to being there.

    Lots of love,Hil x x

  • Woolly Mammoth

    Thanks for sharing the photos and video. It all looks truly amazing, beautiful day, beautiful venue, beautiful bride and gathered ensemble …. Toby looked rather handsome too!!

    Fantastic video – felt like we were there.

    Looking forward to seeing you when you get back

    Lots of love Graham and Frances xx

  • Dear Piers and Lin,

    It was awesome to meet you both and especially to welcome you to our family, me being the little sister of the Father-of-the-bride, Mark…he’s an awesome chap isn’t he and yes he spoke so well even I as one of his older sisters was quite taken back at his ability to project himself so well. He was always just..our little boet( for you english that means brother)so to hear him stand up and sound so grow up was amazing.

    We had fun didn’t we,well I certainly did and had very sore and tight calves from dancing like a Zulu maiden at a welcoming party.

    Anyway lots of love to you both as you make your way back home;Tony and I wish you journey mercies and we will hopefully see you both on on our sunny shores here is South Africa specifically Cape Town, sometime soon.

    Hugs to you both


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