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Piers and Lin du Pré are the owners of the Fleming 55 Play d'eau, based in Beaucette Marina, Guernsey in the Channel Islands at N49° 30’.197 W002° 30’.350.

This site will chart our ongoing adventures.

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A child is born


At Christmas, what could be a better present than a new addition to the family? Our son Toby and his wife Amy, having married in April 2014 have given birth to a … …

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Oh no! to Elation

Out with the old, in with the new

‘We have a leak – a big leak,’ I shouted to Lin. I’d reached into the cabinet under the galley sink for a bottle of Fairy liquid (yes, I really was about to do the washing up), but all I felt was wet. A lot of very wet, wetness.

Quickly looking inside with a torch …

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It’s Christmas!

Play d'eau follows the bright star

May we immediately assure everyone that our radio silence for the last two years has not been because we’ve finally navigated to the great marina in the sky.

No. With considerable quantities of fuel left in life’s tanks, we’ve loved many months in the magnificent country of South Africa,… …

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An Engagement

Kimberleigh's engaged

‘I’m engaged!’ whispered Kimberleigh to Lin and I.

We were staying in a small boutique Johannesburg hotel where Head Chef Kimberleigh had been feeding us far too well …

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A deafening silence

africa falls asleep

‘The silence is deafening. What have you been doing?’ asked a friend of mine when I hadn’t posted anything on the Play d’eau site for three months.

I started to explain only to be met with the comment, ‘Excuses, excuses, …

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Play d’eau and South Africa

the sun rises over cowes in the solent

Having prepared our Fleming 55, Play d’eau, for the journey, Kim and I left sunny Beaucette soon after midday delivering a long and triumphant blast of the Kahlenbergs to echo around the marina’s quarry walls, and set sail (set motor?) for the journey.

Not bound for South Africa but Southampton via Alderney where we’d have a few hours break for supper. …

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Back home and back in the water

Play d'eau on holiday at M&G

Play d’eau is back in the water after being on hols for almost four weeks at M&G Engineers.

Whilst we’ve been on our hols in Norway visiting the Arctic Circle, Play d’eau’s been pampered with a full spa treatment below her waterline.

She was ready. Ready for launch. Ready to go home to Beaucette. …

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LHR Terminal 4 to Beaucette

Granddaughter Maia

We arrived at the hotel just before midnight, checked in, had a beer and slept soundly after a long day’s travelling. Having collected the car from the other side of the airport we were on our way to Coventry to stay with our eldest and his family. It was strange travelling on motorways again, let alone at 70mph rather than Guernsey’s max of 35mph. …

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Previous boats

Our previous boats are all listed here. You’ll see we started with a Fletcher Arrowbolt 21 in 1988. What fun! What a learning curve….

From there to a Cougar Predator 35, a Princess V39 and finally, our Fleming 55.

Play d’eau (camper hood up) just off Lymington bound for Guernsey – MBM Channel Island …

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“Play d’eau”

The name Play d’eau

The origin of the name Play d’eau has its roots in 1992, and it was 1995 when the name was first used in earnest.

Play d’eau Our Princess V39 click to enlarge

The Cougar

When we bought our Cougar Predator 35 in 1992, we had the task of deciding on …

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