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Piers and Lin du Pré bought their new Fleming 55 / 129, Play d'eau, in 2003.

She was berthed in Beaucette Marina, Guernsey in the Channel Islands at N49° 30’.197 W002° 30’.350 until she was sold in October 2021.

This site charts the thrilling adventures they had in her.

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Frozen Shoulder

Having drawn pretty pictures on my shoulder, two incisions were made
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I know it’s winter but it has nothing to do with a Frozen Shoulder – really. It’s where the range of shoulder movement becomes progressively restricted.


Having had my left shoulder operated on successfully in November 2011, my consultant at the time advised there was a 20% chance of the Frozen Shoulder condition migrating to the right shoulder within a few years.


He was right.

As predicted, movement began to deteriorate in my right shoulder. My consultant at Guernsey’s Medical Specialist Group, Mr Armstrong (what a great name for an arm and shoulder consultant!) examined me, and booked me in for a shoulder operation, an ‘Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression’.

Princess Elizabeth Hospital

Last Wednesday it all happened. I checked in as a Day Patient at 0730 hrs and donned one of those awful gowns which flaunts your bottom to the world. My embarrassment was heightened when I was handed a pair of paper underpants ‘to preserve my modesty’.

The moment I was wheeled to theatre, a nurse never left my side. And when I woke up after the op, a nurse was there beside me. Now I could, of course, say it’s because of my magnetic personality and great looks, or maybe they were concerned I’d do a ‘runner’.

Reality was that they were excellent nurses, being allowed to nurse. A general anaesthetic and two small keyhole incisions was all it had taken to unfreeze the shoulder.

I felt so looked after. So cared for. So much so that Lin collected me at 1400 hrs.

Guernsey has a great medical service.

From the recovery suite of
Play d’eau
Fleming 55

6 comments to Frozen Shoulder

  • Pip Flynn

    Glad to know it all went well. Just make sure you allow it to heal properly before you go using it too energetically!
    Also take care with it when you’re away.
    With our love and best wishes,
    Pip ‘n’ Pete

  • Hil

    Thank goodness it is done! The other shoulder healed very quickly I remember, so that bodes well for this one and you know how to look after it. I am so glad the worst is over!

    Lots of love Hil x x

    P.S. Thank goodness you have only two shoulders!

  • Alan Richmond

    Hi, Piers.

    Well obviously a frozen shoulder is worse than getting the cold shoulder; the name says it all!

    It’s a done-deal now, just be careful when putting your shoulder to the wheel, that you use the right ( I mean correct ) one, or Lin will have to shoulder the burden of an invalid husband, not having sloping shoulders…..can someone please shut me up!

    Hope it doen’t delay the start of the boating season.


  • Patrick Colahan

    Sorry to hear of your medical issue. It is only now as I am in my later years, better off financially, but having to deal with limitations medically, that I truly understand the old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young”.
    Good news is that you will be right as rain by the cruising season and able to continue yours and Lin’s adventure.
    All the best to you and yours.
    PNW M/V “Paloma”

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