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Piers and Lin du Pré are the owners of the Fleming 55 Play d'eau, based in Beaucette Marina, Guernsey in the Channel Islands at N49° 30’.197 W002° 30’.350.

This site will chart our ongoing adventures.

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Batsfjord to LHR Terminal 4

No sun. Just clouds and a slightly irritated sea. It’s 0600 and we have just one more stop before we reach the end of our voyage, Kirkenes. We don’t want to leave, yet we long to see our family after so long. We stare out over the balcony in silence recalling the last few days. …

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Tromso to Batsfjord

A passenger holds 'the tiddler'.

We wake late and bask in the joy of yesterday’s huskies. But the ship’s motion is different. She’s pitching and rolling. Opening the heavy curtains we see why. There are no mountains to protect us and the calm seas of the last few days have been rudely woken by a strong force 9 yet MS Midnatsol is riding the unruly motion so gently. …

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Svolvaer to Tromso

Yes, that's me you're talking about

Over the last two days, mountains have become more majestic, there’s more snow and the enormity of the scenery becomes more splendid hour by hour. It’s the isolation and undeniable dominance of nature that makes this part of the world so attractive. …

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Nesna to Svolvaer

We wake to glistening lights

We draw the curtains back and whilst the sun prepares to wake we watch the remnants of the night stars glitter on the water as we continue northwards. At 0723 (0623 UK) we cross the Arctic Circle at latitude 66 33N. The ship’s master salutes with a long blast of the horn. …

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Molde to Nesna

Such beautiful sunsets

Although the MS Midnatsol is a sizeable cruise ship, we mustn’t forget she’s a working ferry. The reminder is the number of ports we visit and the cargo that’s hustled back and forth by an endless stream of stevedores driving fork lift trucks and larger vehicles. …

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Bergen to Molde

The MS Midnatsol

Our cabin is a suite! What a treat but quite right for celebrating Lin’s special birthday. After boarding, we find our suite, unpack and have a good dinner. Very tired, we fall into bed. The faint background hum of diesel electric motors and the gentle swaying of the boat give us a good night’s sleep. …

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We’re off to celebrate

Christmas tree landscapes

After a short night in Oslo’s Royal Christiana, we board a train for the seven hour journey of wonderment across the mountains to Bergen. Our eyes feast on pure white snow, ice covered rivers and lakes, ski slopes, a house here and there under thick layers of snow to keep warm. Fresh coffee (tea for Lin) comes from the buffet carriage. …

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